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MAY/JUNE 2024 Applications Are Now Open

What We Offer?

Tutoring and educational counselling are provided free of charge to home and international students who enrol with Academic support is provided throughout the week to help you choose the best course and institution for your future path.
Assist in compiling the file for the desired course and selecting the best financing option for the chosen course.



Job Placement Ratio


University Partners




Students after BREXIT

The chance for a funded education in the United Kingdom remains despite Brexit. Funding is guaranteed for people with established or pre-settled status for the duration of their study.

Why don't you contact us to discover more about funded education opportunities in the United Kingdom for up to £15,000 a year? We will provide comprehensive information regarding the process of settling in and life in the United Kingdom.

Colleges and Universities

The colleges and universities with whom we partner provide a variety of business, law, accounting, finance, and tourism-related programmes.

Other HND schemes are available. They provide immediate admission to Bachelor's degree programmes.

Education Helps To Advance Your Career At Any Level

Everyone in the United Kingdom can find the best area for their development and life.  The cultural diversity, vitality, and opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances are evident. Student life is always engaging and exciting since it is shared with intelligent, amusing, and upbeat individuals with similar interests and opinions. You will be uplifted and enriched by the campus's outstanding facilities and extracurricular opportunities.



Diana Gali

Thank you enormously! I want to thank the team at The Student Portal for their devotion, care, and professionalism in assisting anyone seeking advice on beginning a university study in England. Thank you incredibly! I am currently in my second semester of the Criminology and Psychology course because of the assistance I received from this team.

Belle Dan_edited.png

Belle Dan

If you`re passionate about inequalities and have at interest in learning about sociology and ideas which shape our social lives than I encourage you to apply with The Student Portal!


Ivan Ganchev

Amazing service! The Student Portal has always been there for me during the whole process.  It gave me so many tips and practice tests that helped me pass the entrance exam, and now I'm in university. Thank you so much!

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