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Applicants in the waiting room

How to Apply

One of the most popular international student destinations worldwide is the United Kingdom. For the 2021/2 academic year, more than 650,000 overseas students are enrolled in the UK. The EU accounts for more than 180,000 of these.
You can choose from about 140 universities and other higher education facilities. Each offers a range of credentials that are recognized around the world.
The cost of tuition varies per university. Since Brexit, only those who are Irish or who presently reside in the UK and have registered under the EU Settlement Scheme are still eligible for home fee status.
You must know about work permit restrictions, English language standards, and visa limitations. On the website of the UK government, more details are available.
Utilize this advice and the other details and suggestions on our website.

  • Choose your destination and your field of study.

  • Make sure you are aware of all the deadlines and important dates.

  • Examine the entry requirements.

  • Begin working on your application.

  • Make a personal statement.

  • Sort out your funding!

  • Wait for your offers to start coming in!

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